Why do companies constantly engage in risky behavior?

Society has witnessed this time and time again. With tech. corporations finding difficulty in obtaining the perfect balance of security and a friendly user interface. A great example is UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) created by the Microsoft corporation to create an internet server for Windows systems, which was and still is a tremendous mistake on their behalf. However, by allowing devices to form connections with the internet it becomes easier for users to accomplish certain network tasks that would be difficult to establish individually and as most know, the average computer user is not so tech. savvy. Thus corporations take it upon themselves to do as many quasi-difficult tasks for the user, including setting default passwords and other configurations. This only excites hackers, who now have basic information about the devices their soon to be victims utilize.

What can be done to better control these industries?

Allowing and encouraging differences in opinions within an industry will help balance the powers and stop unjust attempts at mass surveillance or lack of surveillance . This would help ensure the public that there are people on their side that will help fight for the same ideals they have. This would reach to a large majority of people, that would feel like they are now being represented in these powerful groups. However, having a plethora of opinions may also stunt growth and cause corporations to slip behind the times, which leads many to advocate for the installment of policies to ensure no one strays to far from the corporation’s goal of progress and profit.

What should the typical individual do to prevent corruption in industry?

It would be best to join an official force that acts against these groups rather than be a vigilante. Hacking and hacktivism CAN be the same or can be very different. It depends on the hacker(s) and their intentions. Even our justice system struggles with discerning the two, thus you may get imprisoned for committing what you thought was an act of heroism.

Corporation versus individual; does society have an emotional preference?

Society most definitely has more sympathy when glaring at a face, with an individual being the victim of an attack where they lose their privacy, information, financial assets, or are simply shut down. Whereas companies are more disconnected from the typical person and are viewed as big, corrupt, money-making machines that should be taken down a peg and experience what so many smaller people do on the daily basis.